Hello. I’m Kate Buchholz, and I am a psychotherapist. I help people who feel stuck.

Sometimes we desperately want to change a difficult pattern in our lives but feel powerless to do so because the pattern runs deep – all the way down and through the way we view ourselves and experience the world. I help people understand how these unsatisfying patterns came to be and how they keep us stuck. Then we can see that these habitual ways of being are only one option and that there are other paths that will serve us better.

I know from my ten years as a psychotherapist that change is possible and healing can happen. Taking the time to understand and attend to our unique feelings, dreams, losses and desires allows us to be more fully our whole selves. When we are more fully ourselves we experience our lives more completely. There is less confusion about what we need and how to pursue it.

If this is an area you want help with, contact me to schedule a consultation appointment.